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Interested in living and working in Germany?
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Doroja & Jadwizak Personalvermittlung GbR - Your experts for professional job placement in the fields of nursing and medicine!


For you to be able to work professionally in Germany, your degree obtained abroad must of course be officially accredited here.

After receiving your employment confirmation, we will therefore gather all the necessary documents for this purpose.

The exact type and form of the documents are determined by the respective accreditation office in each of the federal states.

To be specific, there are different requirements in each federal state regarding the professional practice of nurses. After completion of the approval procedure for the professional practice permit as a nursing specialist, you will receive full or partial accreditation - depending on whether significant discrepancies between the German and foreign professional qualifications are identified.


If, for example, there is only a partial accreditation, a deficiency notice is issued - here the necessary specifications are stated to receive the full accreditation confirmation.

In detail, this can concern practical or theoretical sessions, as well as language deficits or technical aspects that need to be improved. Experience shows that this often involves a proficiency test or an adaptation course - how exactly the decision is made depends on the options available to the employer.

You are interested in working with usGreat! We look forward to hearing from you!

We will be happy to assist you with your new career - and help you find your new dream job in Germany!

Our services

  • We help you find a secure and permanent job

  • You receive high-quality German language training from certified language teachers - both online and on-site

  • We support you in obtaining your German professional license

  • We prepare all necessary documents for the embassy and thus the application for your work visa

  • We advise you on the registration of your health insurance

Just submit the contact form and start your job search today!

You are also welcome to send us your application documents via our e-mail

We will contact you as soon as we have received your documents.

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